Struggles & Campaigns

The imperialistic globalization forces around the world are trying to sliver the resistance put up by the downtrodden people, depolicise them and eventually make them impotent. The reglobist goots and facist forces are agumenting this process. In the midst of all these adverse previtary condition. The DYFI is still existing here actively. DYFI is completing its 25 years of sacrificial revolutionary advancement intervening in innumerable agitations for establishing rights and privileges of the masses. The agitations organized by the DYFI and the slogans raised by it were all but the declaration of its strength, it was also the disclosure determination of its aesthetically motivated youth. This great country is looking upon this organization with expectations because it had never spoiled the trust and expectation of the people; that is why the youth in the country is always willingly fall-in behind DYFI. Nobody can deny the intervention made by DYFI. In the history of youth movement in kerala KSYF the predecessor of DYFI also had given glittering contributions. Ofcourse their were limitations for the KSYF. The slogan raised by KSYF at that time was “Marxist party which formed the KSYF Zindabad”. This had the effect of virtually declaring that KSYF in a subsidiary of the CPM. Inspite of these limitations which warranted corrections in its policies and organizational setup, it could lead innumerable agitations against injustice and unemployment.
The agitations against unemployment, the rallies and campaigns during the period of emergencies had broadened the base of KSYF. But the socioeconomic situation prevailed at that time necessitated an youth organization at the National level. That was how the DYFI was formed. The organization is celebrating silver jubilee without compromising the revolutionary instinct in the KSYF.

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