Yuvadhara – The Inspiration of the present day youth in Kerala. It is not only a hope by a literary media. Ideas are not only to be promulgated but also to be practiced is the ‘Motto’. The weakness and the hollowness of leaders sovereign to powers that ruled over India is from the day of Independence are transparent. Their chameleon like complexion is visible at present not before than now. Yuvadhara makes a “clarion call” to all the youth in the country to rebel against this detrimental situation. Yuvadhara is the only contemporary literary media through which truth about any and every thing is brought out – may it be the works of Philosophers, Reflections of Revolutionaries, Reminiscence of Statesman’s, Creative works of literary genius.
Address :
PB Number – 5544,
Thiruvanathapuram - 34.
Phone: 0471-2302329

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